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Cities around the world are looking to be "Smart" by increasing their attractiveness, services, and economic opportunities, facilitating citizen engagement and optimizing operations. Cities across Europe have made significant strides in using technology and realigning processes and operations with the needs and expectations of citizens and residents. To recognize the outstanding Smart Cities projects and leaders, in 2018 IDC is launching its first IDC Smart Cities Europe and Central Asia Awards, which will also create a platform to share best practices and innovative approaches to shared challenges, while helping to accelerate cities' ability to adopt smart city solutions across the region.
What Types of Projects Can be Nominated for the Awards?

IDC is seeking applications from Smart City projects and initiatives across cities, counties, states and provinces from Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States that are currently being piloted or are fully deployed. Projects must therefore be in some phase of implementation as opposed to theoretical ideas or signed projects that have yet to be started. Specifically, we are looking for best practice examples of urban innovation with a focus on the use of technology (cloud, platforms, analytics, IoT, mobile solutions) and data, unique partnerships, funding models, and/or community involvement.
What are the Award Categories?
1. Economic Development and Civic Engagement
  • Civic engagement — Recognizing the best project in civic and community engagement and transparency, including Open Data projects, City Portals, and 311 services.
  • Smart Tourism — Recognizing the best technology project/initiative in areas such as tourism, smart kiosks, interactive experiences, connected museums, and intelligent event management.
2. Sustainable Planning and Administration
  • Urban Planning and Land Use — Recognizing the best projects/initiatives including digital tools for permitting, zoning, inspections, licensing, and urban planning.
  • Administration — Recognizing the best technology project/initiative in the field of government administration, including the provision of eServices and mServices.
3. Public Safety
  • Emergency Management — Recognizing the best projects for improving situation awareness, community safety, and efficient use of resources, including early warning systems, emergency contact systems, IoT-enabled firefighting, and next-generation emergency management.
  • Data-Driven Police and Law Enforcement — Recognizing the best project for ensuring public safety, including projects covering emergency services such as policing through real-time crime centers, body-worn video, and visual surveillance and analysis.
4. Resilient Energy and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Public Infrastructure — Recognizing the best projects in including environmental monitoring, energy conservation, smart lighting, smart trash bins, smart meters, and smart grids.
  • Smart Utilities — Recognizing the best use of technology in the field of utilities (water, electricity, sewage, gas), including environmental monitoring.
5. Transport
  • Efficient Mobility — Recognizing the use of technology in the area of improving the efficiency of transportation management systems, increasing system reliability, and reducing the overall cost of operations and management, including smart parking, smart journey planning, multimodal transit hubs, intelligent traffic management, and ride hailing/sharing services.
  • Connected Transport — Recognizing the best use technology around connected and autonomous vehicles, including autonomous vehicles, vehicle to everything connectivity, and advanced public transit systems.
IDC Europe and Central Asia Smart City Awards
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Call for nominations

Who Can Nominate?

Any organization can nominate a city project or initiative, including the municipality itself, state or provincial agencies, funding or association body, or solutions providers.

From What Areas?

Eligible projects are those that are implemented by cities, counties, states, provinces, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and utilities.

When do Nominations Close?

The deadline for submitting nominations is: June 1, 2018.

Need More Information?

For questions regarding the 2018 IDC Smart Cities Europe and Central Asia Awards, please contact Chris Pennell, Research Director IDC Government Insights, at

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