IDC's eBook on 2020 Key Trends in Healthcare and Life Science

According to IDC research, patient engagement and experience is the top business priority in 2020 for 60% of European healthcare providers and 55% of European life science organizations.

The convergence of new technologies and new business requirements is heralding a new type of healthcare and life science enterprise. Value-based care is changing the way the two industries look at their operations, resources, and relationships.

The future healthcare and life science enterprises will be pursuing personalization and integration by investing in digital technologies to scale empathy, insights, resilience, work models and leadership.

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  • 2020 Key trends for healthcare and life science organizations in Europe
  • How the IDC Future Enterprise framework is critical to understanding innovation in today's healthcare and life science organizations
  • How technology can support organizations to thrive as a Future Enterprise

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Key Trends in Healthcare and Life Science

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