Not All Doom and Gloom:
The Renewed Case for Digitalization in European Manufacturing

The European manufacturing industry has been hugely impacted by the "great lockdown" crisis. On the one hand a combined demand and supply shock is causing an unprecedented threat for survival, but on the other hand, manufacturers in every subsector have the opportunity to improve their processes and come out of the crisis stronger and in a better market position. In this situation, the case for digitalization has never been more compelling. Deploying the right digital technology plays an essential role because it is no longer just a matter of competitive advantage, but has now become a race for survival.

Join Jan Burian, Maggie Slowik, Lorenzo Veronesi, Andrea Siviero, and Roberta Bigliani in a webcast where you will learn:

  • How the European manufacturing industry is doing in terms of IT spend and future investments
  • Why digital technologies are more important than ever to guarantee European manufactures' long-term business viability
  • What key business initiatives are being rolled out by manufacturers that require immediate support and empowerment from digital technologies

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Meet the European Team

Jan Burian

Research Director, IDC Manufacturing Insights

Stefanie Naujoks

Research Director, Manufacturing Insights Europe

Lorenzo Veronesi

Research Manager, EMEA

Maggie Slowik

Research Manager

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