Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy

IDC research and consulting helps technology executives with strategic planning and decision-making responsibility to create and implement artificial intelligence (AI) strategies.

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Future of Intelligence: Driving Insights at Scale in Uncertain Times

In predictable times and markets, organizations can thrive through marginal gains and continuous improvement. When the unexpected happens, though, to survive and thrive organizations need to be able to respond quickly and decisively — driving insights from data and information, and taking appropriate action, at scale.

Join IDC research leaders Neil Ward-Dutton and Philip Carnelley on this webcast, as they highlight how intelligent investments in data management, analytics, and AI are more important than ever in uncertain, volatile markets — and show how and why ethical approaches to data and AI use will win the day.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Being Used


IDC's European Data Strategy and Innovation Awards 2020

Celebrating European Trailblazers

Meet the Team

  • Chris Bryan

  • Consulting Director, European Software Group
  • Andrea Minonne

  • Senior Research Analyst, Customer Insights & Analysis
  • Jack Vernon

  • Senior Research Analyst, European AI Systems

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