COVID-19: From Crisis to Recovery
Insights on Why Technology is Critical to Success

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Towards a European Recovery: Why Technology is Critical to Success

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In this section, you will find regular updates of top level European data including buyer sentiment, market indicators, spending guide data and IDC Black Book spending forecasts which will help you understand the outlook for the European tech markets and ensure you have the information you need to make critical business decisions.

European Tech Index

June, 2020 Update

European Tech Index provides rapid updates to changes in buyer sentiment and underlying market indicators including macroeconomic factors. Index is based on scale of 1000, where a score above 1000 indicates growth and below 1000 indicates a decline in IT spending.

Score above 1000 indicates growth and below 1000 indicates a decline in IT spending and buyer sentiment appetite.

Source: European COVID-19 Tech Index, June v2 2020

European Black Book Technology Forecast

2019/2020 Growth rates (selected technologies)

IDC's Worldwide Black Book Live Edition is the industry standard for up to date global IT forecasts. It includes monthly analysis of the status and projected growth of the worldwide ICT industry in 100 countries and is the benchmark for consistent, detailed market data across six continents.

Source: IDC Worldwide Black Book, June 2020

COVID-19 Impact on European Sectors

European 2019/2020 ICT Spending Growth Rate

Source: IDC Worldwide ICT Spending Guide Industry and Company Size - Forecast 2020 | June (V2 2020)



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