Security, Risk Management and Trust Building

Find out how IDC can help you to develop your security business strategy from an ethical and socially responsible point of view founded on the pillars of trust.

Future of Trust: Riders on the Storm

Digital trust is emerging as a key outcome for European enterprises. In fact, IDC's recent CEO survey shows that digital trust programs will be one of the highest priorities for CEOs over the next five years, driven by the growing importance of brand reputation and perceived authenticity.

In this webcast you will hear from IDC's expert analysts how the digital enterprise of the future can engender trust among its customers and across the supply chain, despite a backdrop of business and technology transformation.

Although trust is a foundational topic for all business and technology conversations, IDC will bring a focus to the event with an emphasis on topics such as security, privacy, compliance, risk, ethics, and social responsibility.

Trust Outcomes

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Meet the Team

  • Mark Child

  • Research Manager, European Security Solutions
  • Romain Fouchereau

  • Manager, Security Appliance Program, European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions

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