Security and the Future of Trust

Find out how IDC can help you to harness security as a business enabler through the 8 pillars of trust: risk assessment and management, security, compliance, privacy, ethics, social responsibility, governance, and brand reputation.

Trust has emerged as a significant weapon in the European IT security team's arsenal when demonstrating how security is a direct enabler for business outcomes. Driven by this business outcomes focus, security is recognized as a business enabler rather than a blocker by 69% of European organizations, according to IDC's research.

What is the Future of Trust in Europe and How Does Security Fit in?

The security team's focus has shifted in recent times. Rather than simply protecting the enterprise against threats, security must also demonstrate how its plans and operations are contributing to business outcomes.

Classic responses have been to focus on cost reduction, resource optimisation and enterprise risk management. However, IDC has detected the emergence of a new theme: security is starting to position itself provide the trust that enables digital transformation.

The COVID-19 pandemic in general terms has accelerated digital transformation plans, including a paradigm shift to home working models. While critical to business continuity amid the crisis, it also means a significant increase in risk exposure. This places added pressure on security as the guarantor of trust in digital transformation.

But what does this mean in practice? The good news is that trust-enabling technologies are already commonly available. IDC divides these into four categories: secure connectivity; identity management; information management; and threat management. But technology alone is insufficient. To drive business value, technology must be accompanied by process and culture changes.

IDC's Future of Trust research theme aims to demonstrate how these technologies align with principles such as compliance, ethics, and risk to drive business benefits such as brand reputation, cost reduction, customer loyalty and security by design.

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The Future of Trust

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  • Mark Child

  • Research Manager, European Security Solutions
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